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My Favorite Personal Finance Books

I want to share my personal recommendations for books you can read to help you save money. Chances are if you’re reading my posts, you’re interested in saving money. I often get asked which books I read on the topic so I thought I’d share my top 4 financial books. I own all of these books and have read each one multiple times. If you want to buy these books, they can be purchased used online for a fraction of the cost of buying new. Personally I like to buy used books on AbeBooks online but I will buy on eBay and Amazon, too. If the books are available for check out through your local library - bonus points to you for saving money. Enjoy!

  1. The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey - This book changed my life. It teaches you how to live within your means and build the life you want. If you are in debt, this is the book for you. If you aren’t sure how to budget, this is the book for you, too. If you only use cards and never have cash, this is the book for you. It can be bought used online for around $4 with free shipping.

  2. Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin - This book is a must read if you struggle with your personal relationship with money. It outlines 9 steps you can take to get your financial house in order. This one can be bought used online for around $7 with free shipping.

  3. 365 Ways to Live Cheap! by Trent Hamm - This book was written by one of my favorite authors. Trent Hamm has inspired me for years and a lot of the frugal methods I apply to my own life are from this book (like the homemade laundry detergent I wrote about last time). It can be bought used online for around $4 with free shipping.

  4. You Need A Budget by Jesse Mecham - This one is special. It is a complete guide to making your money work for you and is a powerful way to reach your financial goals. There is also an app by the same name, and you can get a free trial of the app for 34 days. I would recommend reading the book first to see if this method works for you before trying the app. Then again, if you’re not much of a reader then the app might be the way to go. Either way, I hope you check it out. This book can be bought used online for around $7 with free shipping.

Please note: I do not make any money from these authors or publishers for recommending these books. These are simply my personal favorites for how to take charge of your money and live a more frugal life. Happy reading!


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